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Colorado School of Mines Presents:


The 4th Annual

Rocky Mountain Geobiology Symposium


The Rocky Mountain Geobiology Symposium is the "hotspot" for scientific research and collaboration in unveiling the relationship microorganisms share with an extensive amount of environments and the role they play in shaping the Earth and biogeochemical cycles as we know. In a field comprised of a multitude of research disciplines, the opportunity to discuss a plethora of novel research questions and ideas is strongest when scientists of all backgrounds can come together to push the field of geobiology further and present opportunities for unique collaborations across labs and institutions. The overarching goal of RMGS 2021 is to provide a positive platform to showcase wonderful research and bring together researchers to foster new ideas and collaborative efforts across the region.

The symposium will be held by Colorado School of Mines for it's 4th annual meeting. The event will take place on September 11th followed by a reception. Keynote speakers will include Karen Lloyd and Russell Shapiro, as well as presentations and posters from faculty and early career scientists from various universities across the front range.

The symposium will take place at in the heart of Golden on Mine's campus. We look forward to hearing more about your research and the opportunity to collaborate with other enthusiastic geobiology researchers. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Important Information:


September 11th, 2021


Coolbaugh Hall Room 209 (Presentations)

and Atrium (Poster Session)

Abstract for Oral Presentation Deadline

July 28th, 2021

Abstract For Poster Deadline:

August 6th , 2021

Registration Deadline:

August 20th, 2021

Poster Information:

36" x 48" (either orientation)


Map here. More info here. Parking is FREE!


The Spitting Gargoyle,

Golden, CO

Russell Shapiro
Russell is a professor at California State University, Chico in the Geological and Environmental Sciences Department. He utilizes techniques of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) along with cathodoluminescent and standard petrography to understand the relationship and traces of the microbial world left behind in the rock record. Specifically, Russell's research includes the alteration of stromatolites through metamorphic processes, the formation of bedded barite deposits linked to fluid expulsions and chemosynthetic microbial communities, and mapping of Pleistocene facies to understand the vertebrate fossil distribution and paleoecology. A large part of Russell's research includes field work spanning sites in northern Minnesota, southern Wyoming, and the western US.
Karen Lloyd
Karen is a professor at University of Tennessee, Knoxville in the Department of Microbiology. Karen's research involves understanding how microorganisms influence marine biogeochemical cycles by incorporating the fields of geomicrobiology, molecular biology, and geochemistry. She aims to link uncultivated microbes to their geochemical functions and investigate how these microbial communities react to changing environmental conditions. Karen's field sites include deep-sea hydrocarbon seeps, hydrothermal vents, and near-shore sites. Through utilization of single-cell technologies, Karen can understand an organism's function and genetic identity without growing it in pure culture. She hopes to better understand organic carbon degradation, production/consumption of greenhouse gases, metal cycling, and novel microbial energy sources.
Symposium Adress:
Coolbaugh Hall Room 209, 1401 14th St, Golden, CO 80401
From Denver International Airport: Take I-70 West, exit Highway-58 to Golden. Exit Washington Street and turn left to turn into downtown Golden. Turn right onto 13th Street and left on Maple Ave. to enter campus.
From DenverTake 6th Ave. and head west into Golden. Turn right onto 19th street. Turn left onto Illinois Street to enter campus.
From C-470 or I-70: Head east to 6th Avenue. Follow the directions above from 6th Avenue.
From Boulder: Take Highway-93 into Golden. Turn left onto 19th Street. Turn left onto Illinois Street to enter campus.
Parking Info:
  • RMGS 2021 will be held Saturday September 11th, when parking restrictions are not in effect. Therefore parking anywhere on campus will be free the day of the event.
  • Visitors to campus during operational hours — Monday-Friday 7 a.m.–5 p.m. — should park in the General (blue) and Commuter (yellow) lots. All visitor parking areas have a pay and display parking meter. Please visit the pay stations to receive a parking permit. Pay station meter rates for General (blue) parking are $1.50 per hour or $8 daily; rates for commuter lots are $1 per hour or $5 daily. Metered parking permits must be displayed on your dashboard. Printable visitor parking map.
  • You’ll find parking maps at each of the parking meters that can also help guide you around the campus.

  • Please note that some street parking spots require a City of Golden parking permit; please observe all signs.

Map included here.

Additional Visitor parking information here.


Abstract Deadline for Posters and Presentations: July 28th, 2021

Deadline for Registration: August 20th, 2021